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LoveCasino Review

Anyone who has read of the woes and tribulations that individuals have faced on LoveCasino should find it easy to stay away. Yeah, so check out LoveCasino on Trustpilot as soon as possible. If you can not, you can just browse through our review. 

The LoveCasino is one of Mad Entritanment DS DV agents of darkness in the UK gambling industry. The site spreads nothing but pain and hatred for the typical person. The love in its name does not extend to its utterly poor and wicked services. 

You can do well by staying clear of LoveCasino and its duping cohorts. The operator likes itself a good trick, so we are here to prepare you against such but relaying the bitter truth as best as we can. So, keep reading.

Falsifying Information on Its Owner and Operator

One of the many worrying signs on this website is its falsified report on its ownership status. The site declaring LoveCasino LTD and not Mad Entritanment DS DV as its owner and operator is not enough for us, but it is best for them. 

LoveCasino wants to prove to players that it is legit, but it knows that putting up Mad Entritanment DS DV will be detrimental to that. So, it decided to conjure names from the atmosphere or simply add ‘LTD’ behind the casino name. 

Any gambling operator that is willing to play such deceitful games should not even be in existence at all. Regardless, it has been difficult to trace the source of this gambling website, which has a base outside of the United Kingdom. 

However low this situation might be, we can promise it will worsen. The following section will carefully examine LoveCasino’s licensing situation. 

Should LoveCasino Operate in the United Kingdom?

The ordinary person would assume that LoveCasino wanted to put down ‘Curaçao’ instead of ‘Curacao’ as the provider of its licence. Well, we checked out the gambling site on Curaçao iGaming Authority’s list of licensees.

Yeah, you most definitely guessed right – LoveCasino was missing. We can confidently say that LoveCasino is parading a fake licence and does not possess one. Hence, the operator has no business offering gambling services to UK players.

It is one thing to falsify ownership information, but another to advertise a fake licence to the world. The second situation is egregious, and if LoveCasino associates are found out, they could face solid time behind bars. 

It would not be very smart to still register on this casino website with what you already know. For your good, stick to the basics. Play on the safe platforms in the UK or offshore casinos with proper licences from:

  1. United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC).
  2. Curaçao iGaming Authority (CGA).
  3. Malta Gaming Authority (MGA).

LoveCasino Bonuses

Considering registering at LoveCasino because of its bonuses would be financial suicide. As well-packaged as the welcome offers are, they are merely traps designed to lure you in and convince you to make deposits. 

This package is in five parts and sums up to 950% of your first five deposits with 175 free spins (FS) on the side. The package collapses into the following:

  1. First deposit: 400% up to €2000 + 100 FS.
  2. Second deposit: 200% up to €1000 + 50 FS.
  3. Third deposit: 150% up to €1000 + 25 FS.
  4. Fourth deposit: 100% up to €1000.
  5. Fifth deposit: 100% up to €1000.

Several players have complained about not receiving these bonuses. Those who received them also complained about the unfair conditions. Likewise, the payout when you use these bonuses on LoveCasino games is not substantial enough for players to request withdrawals. 

It would be ridiculous to play here because of these bonuses. First, you will be disappointed, and second, you will most likely not gain any value from your deposit and bonus amounts. Find out why below.

Are LoveCasino Games Rigged?

One player remarked that he had 100 free spins on the Gonzo Quest slot game and expended them all without winning once. Having 100 shots at winning without succeeding once means only one thing—rigged games.

Professionals have claimed that the gaming software packages on this site are fake. So, there is no way this casino has any relations with the likes of:

  1. Play’n GO.
  2. Yggdrasil.
  3. Wazdan.
  4. Pragmatic Play.
  5. Microgaming.

Not being able to win with real money and bonuses shows how futile registering on this site is. LoveCasino has put itself in a pole position to receive your money and employ dubious tricks to make you lose it all. 

It is best to stay away from the casino’s slots, table games, and live titles. None of these games are original; they are merely adulterated copies that never run well. The site’s lack of optimisation also contributes to its malfunctioning. 

Depositing Funds on LoveCasino

LoveCasino is readily available to receive your deposits. As part of its trickery, the site facilitates quick pay-ins, even faster than the UKGC casinos. This operator is only eager to get its hands on your money and take it as its own. 

There is a long list of reasons you should refrain from depositing on this site. Registering is already a huge mistake. The bonuses you intend to claim are useless in the grand scheme of things. The LoveCasino games malfunction and are rigged.

There is no point in throwing your money away or having hungry casinos pry it from you. We can say the same for every other Mad Entritanment DS DV casino. Stay away from the ones below:

  1. 4Crowns.
  2. Superb Casino.
  3. Spinland Casino.
  4. BigWins.

Are Withdrawals Even Possible?

Withdrawing funds out of your LoveCasino gambling wallet is practically impossible. Imagine going through all the trouble to arrive at the finish line and learning that you are not getting your reward. 

However dubious this eventuality may be, we have warned you to avoid its onset. If you did otherwise, you would have yourself to blame. The operator will try to delay your payment for as long as possible.

LoveCasino will tell you it takes up to 21 days to process your withdrawal. At a point close to the end of the waiting period, the operator will ask that you submit verification documents. Then, it will ask that you wait another few weeks for confirmation.

No wonder certain player withdrawals have been on for months now. Do everything in your power to not be a victim of LoveCasino and others like it, including:

  1. OceanBreeze Casino.
  2. Spicy Jackpots.
  3. GorillaWins.
  4. AresCasino.

LoveCasino’s Support Services

The support channels on this gambling site include:

  1. Live Chat.
  2. Email – [email protected].
  3. Phone – +443308087979.

For one, the live chat does not run 24/7. Also, players hardly receive responses upon sending inquiries and complaints via email. Do not bother with the phone support as it is as unreliable as the others. 

Do not Register on LoveCasino

This gambling site will deny you bonuses, fair games, and payouts. The peak of it all is selling players’ information for money on the dark web. So, not only will your money be in danger, but your confidential details will also be. 

UKGC Casinos are the Best 

The best gambling options in the UK are casinos with a UKGC licence. These sites offer the best qualities in terms of bonuses, games, and payment methods. They do not deny you your winnings, and they declare their owners and T&Cs quite clearly.

LoveCasino Sister Sites

These Sister sites share a close resemblance to LoveCasino. Find out more below.

Winner Casino

Never take the words of a Mad Entritanment DS DV casino seriously. Winner Casino has explained much on its website but needs to address critical matters. The casino even lies about its owner and licence. 

The Winner Casino poses a considerable risk to your gambling ambitions, and it is only fitting that you stay away. Do not let the operator pull you back in with its useless bonus offer – worth 1000% of your first five deposits up to €10000. 

The issue is not the bonus amount but what you can do with it. No matter how much you get in bonuses, you will still earn less than you should playing the Winner Casino games. The apparent reason for the mess is the rigged games.

So, Winner Casino had always tipped you to fail rather horribly. You will end up with regrets rather than a handful of wins. Stick with UKGC casinos to avoid such disappointments. 

Cherry Fiesta

Cherry Fiesta considers itself unique. Why else would it try to look different and deviate from the existing patterns that Mad Entritanment DS DV casinos have created? The usual practice is to name an owner in your own name and claim a Master’s Licence.

Instead, Cherry Fiesta Casino decided to go with a permit from the General Directorate of Games or Sweepstakes. A casino with a supposed licence to operate in Mexico has no business offering gambling services to players in the UK.

However, any casino without a proper licence can often do as it likes—especially when its source is somewhat untraceable. If it were, Cherry Fiesta should be shut down for parading fake bonuses, rigged games, sabotaged bonuses, and botched withdrawal processes. This casino must answer for these hideous acts someday.

Magic Win Casino

Magic Win and its sister sites are intentional about their scam practices. In fact, they do so much to convince players in the UK that they are the real deal until it is time to take all their money. However, if you are dense enough to fall for Magic Win’s cheap tricks, then you should quit gambling altogether.

It is clear that Magic Win does not have a licence and that it formulated its owner’s name. If that does not signal danger to you, then nothing will. Let us assume Magic Win Casino meant to write ‘Curaçao’ instead of ‘Curaco.’

Upon checking out this casino on Curaçao Gaming Authority’s licensee list, we still found nothing. You will find many complaints when you check this platform’s review on Trustpilot. A significant one we picked was the casino refusing to approve players’ withdrawals. 

There was a claim or two about Magic Win’s rigged games. Among all of these details, it is quite clear that no one deserves to experience the anguish that Magic Win Casino brings to its players. We advise you to explore gambling sites with reliable licences like from the UKGC instead.  


This casino reroutes players’ payments to various accounts in Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Americas. This ever-fumbling platform for dim-wits only manages to pull off an ownership heist as it recognises two companies: WinBet NV and WinBet LTD. 

If you decide to register on this site, you are only fooling yourself. The 1000% bonus up to €5000 offer should be no reason to sign up on GalaxySpins—and why? Because this casino is not faithful to its promises.

Most players never get their bonuses, and even if they did, maybe in half. The saddening part is that these bonuses eventually amount to nothing. No matter how hard you try to play and win on GalaxySpins, you will seldom succeed.

We attribute this low winning chances to rigging. It is clear that GalaxySpins is after your money and would employ any means to achieve this. If you try withdrawing your balance, your efforts will end when GalaxySpins cancels and absolves your funds for itself without an explanation.

Golden Lion

Golden Lion is another Mad Entritanment DS DV casino with a single objective—to steal from players. But first, they must at least try to convince players they are the deal. Golden Lion Casino does poorly in this aspect by revealing GoldenGenie’s information unedited as its own on its website. 

This entrapment of a casino usually attempts to overload players’ email addresses with promotional offers that do not even exist on its website. Many punters have complained about being unable to subscribe to these misleading newsletters no matter how many times they try. 

Golden Lion often sidetracks deposits, causing players to lose funds without any chance of refunds. The same goes for withdrawals—those never seem to get past the approval stage anyway. This end-stage tribulation only shows the irrelevancy of Golden Lion bonuses in the long run. 

The casino’s support representatives will completely deflect your questions while giving brain-dead reasons why these things occurred. The plan is to eventually get you to quit, giving Golden Lion the chance to clean out your account.

Golden Genie 

Golden Genie Casino is like a make-a-wish platform but with terrible rewards to give. Your benefits include a casino with a fake licence, useless bonuses, rigged games, and botched payment methods. 

Since Golden Genie has no affiliation with any reputable authority, it can act as it wishes. In fact, all of its terms and conditions, including its privacy policy, are a hoax. So, do not be comfortable because Golden Genie will be gunning for your downfall.

The Golden Genie LTD-owned casino parades a fake Master Licence from CEG. Know that any gambling site willing to lie atrociously like this is up to no good. We also have it on good authority that the games on this site are mere copies of the original. 

Deposits often happen only with Bank Transfers on this site, contrary to its provision of multiple payment methods. Withdrawals are just impossible for players on here. This is where Golden Genie delays your transaction for so long and eventually takes all your money when you give up. 

Lucky Charms

Lucky Charms Casino is the one to miss and be glad about. You can never be too safe, so take at least two steps back to reevaluate your decision on this casino platform. We know your decision will become more straightforward at the end of this sectional review. 

LuckyCharms has a fabricated owner name – LuckyCharms LTD, a common trick courtesy of Mad Entritanment DS DV casinos. Its fake licence is no surprise because not even Curaçao can veto this casino to perform its services outside the UK.

A deep look into this casino’s facilities will reveal issues like incomplete payments, faulty games, and a worthless bonus system. LuckyCharms advises you not to hesitate to contact support 24/7, but they never respond in emergency situations. 

You must agree that LuckyCharms will be a poor choice in the UK. The best choices are the UKGC sites. If you are observing a GamStop period, you can opt for offshore sites with Curaçao or Malta gambling licences. 

DoctorSpins Casino

This gambling site is mediocre at best. When you realise what happens in the background of this DoctorSpins Casino, you will understand why you should stay away. Do not be indecisive like DoctorSpins being unable to pick between WinBet NV and WinBet LTD as its owner. 

We all know that Mad Entritanment DS DV owns and operates this casino. 

DoctorSpins has smudged the fine margins of gambling in all weird ways. The casino has redefined the concept of casino gaming, which, in its own case, has the house winning all the time. 

DoctorSpins makes it seem as though players are only online to finance gambling sites. So, in turn, the casino denies its players their withdrawals, knowing there is nothing they can do about it. Well, that is true because DoctorSpins answers to no authority. 

In general, it is best to avoid the mess DoctorSpins has created and called a gambling website. Find a suitable UKGC casino and play there instead.

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